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About us

Teresa founded Kinetic K9s with one goal:

To enhance the lives of canines and their humans through education of canine body language, behavior, health, needs, and training.

We offer 5 paths to accomplish these goals:

Daycare, Day School, Private Training, Group Training, and Boarding.

Since we have been open, we have assisted hundreds of dog owners on their path to a peaceful relationship with their dog. We work with a variety of dogs including working search dogs, service dogs, sport dogs, and dogs with aggression problems to our precious puppies & beloved seniors.

Our staff is divergent in nature. Each member pursues their own special interest with dogs.


Nothing to compare it to, but Teresa and Daniel are great and the agility equipment is cool, and my dog and I really bond & have a good time during agility class!

~ Laura & Ronnie

I have taken Teresa's basic Obedience Class, her CGC class and titled two dogs.  I also have taken Teresa's Trick dog class and titled one dog all the way to Advanced, and my young dog 8 months has also started her journey and she has her Novice Trick title.  I would highly recommend Teresa at Kinetic K9s for her positive training methods and her patience with dogs and humans.                      

~Catherine, Tella & Odette

We have been using Kinetic K9s for about 6 months now for daycare and we love it. My dog can’t get away from me fast enough when I drop him off and he’s exhausted (in a good way) at the end of the day from playing with all his friends. Great solution for high energy/social dogs if you have a busy day! Kennel area is clean and the owner is very nice!

~ Robin & Gibby

He was only a year when I adopted him and full of energy! I hate to say that he was a problem child at classes cause all he wanted to do was play with the other puppies and jump on me.
The trainer was really calm and helped teach me techniques to distract him from what he wanted to do and get him back on track.
Highly recommend for anyone interested in basic or advance training.

~ Reagan & Nate


Teresa Pankratz,

RVT CBCC-KA SARTech I, Canine Trailing I, III, IV.

Teresa started training dogs in 2005. She has personally owned, trained and competed with Miniature Schnauzers, a Pyrenean Shepherd, a Smooth Fox Terrier, a German Shepherd, and soon a Belgian Malinois.  The collection of breeds has created a unique journey of learning how to train supposedly "easy" herding breeds and "difficult" terrier breeds. More importantly, Teresa enjoys working with dogs full of personality and intelligence. Her favorite activities are training nonsense tricks, bikjoring, and spending time with her family.

Teresa and her Certified Search Dog, Nova, currently volunteer with a local Search and Rescue Team.

Certified Behavior Consultant Canine - Knowledge Assessed
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Daniel Pankratz

Masters in Chemistry, Photographer, SARTech I

I graduated OSU with a Masters in Chemistry in 2014. I currently work at ASCO Aerospace but assist on phones and with Meet and Greets. If you call Kinetic K9s, you will typically speak with me.

I enjoy working with our Board N' Train dogs and watching the progress while we have them. I grew up with a Labrador Retriever who was, as my wife would put it, not well behaved. More than dogs, I enjoy spending time with our cat, Zena, and my horse, Galaxy. In the several years I've worked with Teresa, I've learned more about behavior and training than I ever thought possible.

I successfully titled our dog, Koda, in AKC Agility.

In my free time I enjoy building things at home, hiking, and learning about primitive survival skills.

Naomi, RVT

I graduated from the OSU-OKC Veterinary Technology program in 2007. I have worked at a small animal clinic in North Edmond for going on 8 years. Helping animals in need is my passion! My heart physically breaks for every animal in pain or suffering. I work long shifts in clinic and additionally work in preventative behavioral health to care for these animals. Behavioral Health often gets overlooked and untreated leading to additional suffering in our devoted companions.

Captain is my great big fluffy bear of a dog! He is a Newfoundland by breed and my best friend by nature. He loves all things involving water, playing ball, and cuddling watching a movie or playing video games.


When I got Captain I knew I had a lot to learn with how large and rowdy he was. He easily outweighs me and I wanted him to become a perfect citizen! We started obedience classes and have never looked back. Captain and I have achieved our Canine Good Citizen Title and Novice Trick Dog Title. We are actively working towards becoming a Therapy Dog Team. Currently, he is in agility classes preparing for competition!



My name is Ezra and the reason behind what I do is a standard poodle named Juno. [KN's] Mission To Jupiter BCAT "Juno" is my personal service dog in training. In addition to her service work, Juno participates in FastCATs, nose work, and various other performance sports. While preparing to bring Juno home, I became interested in the concept of Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive dog training methods and the ways that positive reinforcement-based training can be utilized in the world of sport and working dogs.


Owner-training a service dog can be a difficult and overwhelming process, but service dogs are by far my favorite type of dog to work with. I hope to reach a skill level where I am able to help other service dog teams achieve their goals while prioritizing the physical and mental well-being of both the human handler and their canine partner.


I am currently pursuing my BS in Zoology with a minor in Psychology at Oregon State University and my CCPDT-KA credentials through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers. When I’m not training, I enjoy reading dog-related books, listening to podcasts, and working on textile/fiber art projects while Juno supervises from the couch.

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