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Boarding & Daycare

We believe in providing a boarding and daycare facility that meets the needs of our social, intelligent, and high energy dogs.

Daycare - Group Play

Daycare is for those high energy dogs and puppies that need to learn dog-dog socialization skills. Especially for dogs that are bored staying at home.


We offer 2 types of daycare: Group Play & 1 on 1 Play.


In Group Play, the dogs are let out in small-large groups into an outdoor yard just shy of 1/2 acre. We constantly have a staff member monitoring and interacting with dogs as they are engaging in play.

Daycare - 1 on 1 Play
1 on 1 play is for those dogs that are: 
  • Over 90lbs

  • Unable to be matched to an appropriate play group.

  • Dog Selective - only friendly with certain dogs

  • Nervous or Fearful

  • Excessively Friendly - these guys don't take social cues well.

  • Unnecessarily Rough Players

  • Seniors or Special Needs Dogs

In 1 on 1 Play, the dogs are let out by themselves with a staff member to explore and play in the yard. Our staff works to keep them engaged, using their brains and body. 

A Typical Day:

Starts with all dogs being placed into kennels upon arrival. Any new dogs are temperament tested by staff and socially forgiving & neutral dogs. Then we match all the dogs to an appropriate play group. In stages, we let each play group out into the yard to explore and play. Play groups are routinely alternated to allow dogs to rest and not become overly tired and grumpy. Groups are given an extended nap period over lunch. Then the dogs are given group play again before going home.

Dogs that are human aggressive are not permitted in Daycare.


Take advantage of your dog's unproductive time at home by sending them to school!

During day school you will drop your dog off in the morning. While they are here we will reinforce polite socialization and play with other dogs. Then we take your puppy or dog aside for specialized individual attention to teach them necessary life skills. At the end of each day you will receive a mini-lesson showing what skills we worked on and a School Report Card with everything in writing so you don't forget!

School is excellent for teaching skills such as: sit, down, stay, come, leave it, drop it, no jumping, walking with a loose leash, and more!

Kinetic K9s-3.jpg

Our boarding facility uses large airline style plastic crates for your dog to sleep. We have multiple outdoor yards they have access to for potty and exploration time. All of our boarders receive one of our daycare options to keep them balanced mentally and physically during their stay. We let all dogs out to potty at least 4 times per day.

A Typical Day:

Starts around 6:30am with potty time and breakfast. Then group play and 1 on 1 play sessions. Naptime starts around noon afterwards. Then we have Group Play and 1 on 1 play sessions. Dinner is provided early evenings. The last potty time is between 8-10pm.


Where do the dogs stay?

Dogs stay in airline style gigantic 3' x 4' kennels or large 2' x 3' kennels.

What age will you board?

All dogs must be in their home for 14 days AND have 2 sets of vaccinations administered by a veterinarian.

Puppies are typically around 10-12 weeks of age.

  • DHPPL - Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza, Parvo, Leptospirosis

  • Rabies

  • Bordetella - Kennel Cough

  • Influenza - optional but recommended

Dogs must be kept current on deworming, flea and tick preventative, & heartworm preventative.​

Do you require vaccination records?

Yes, They can be uploaded to your portal.

When can I Pick-up & Drop-off for boarding?

Pick-up and drop-off are scheduled on your reservation and are by appointment only.

Day of drop-off and pick-up changes can be arranged by contacting (405) 880-5035.

How much Exercise will they get when boarding?

Dogs are let out to potty 4 times per day.

Dogs eligible for doggie daycare are automatically temperament tested and placed into daycare Monday-Friday.

Will you keep dogs for an extended stay?

Yes! We frequently board dogs for owners that are out of the country or unable to house their dog at home.

Will you board aggressive dogs?

We take aggressive dogs on a case by case basis.

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