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The best dogs are well trained dogs! They are Easy to Live With, Fun to Interact With, and Give a Whole Lifetime of Love!

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Group Classes


Group Classes are the most Budget Friendly Option when it comes to providing your dog with the critical skills to succeed in life.

We regularly offer group classes in Obedience, Agility, Conformation, Rally Obedience, and Scent Work.

Check Out our Group Class Calendar


Take advantage of your dog's unproductive time at home by sending them to school!

During day school you will drop your dog off in the morning. While they are here we will reinforce polite socialization and play with other dogs. Then we take your puppy or dog aside for specialized individual attention to teach them necessary life skills. At the end of each day you will receive a mini-lesson showing what skills we worked on and a School Report Card with everything in writing so you don't forget!

School is excellent for teaching skills such as: sit, down, stay, come, leave it, drop it, no jumping, walking with a loose leash, and more!

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Private Lessons

Private lessons are the Ultimate way to get individualized assistance with a variety of needs!

We can help you stop dogs that won't listen, jump on guests, pee and poop inside the house, bark, rudely seek attention, bite, lunge at, don't tolerate handling or grooming and are being menaces to society!

This is also a wonderful space for anyone who would like individualized assistance teaching their dogs any skills!

We have trained Scent Work, Agility, Obedience, Home Manners, Potty Training, Public Access, Service Dog Tasks and more in private lessons!

Board N' Train

Too Busy to Train? We've got you covered!

During a board n' train program you will drop your dog off. Each day we take your dog for specialized individual attention to teach them basic manners. At the end of each week you will attend a private lesson to learn and practice the skills we worked on that week. 

In our Board N' Train Program we teach: sit, down, stay, come, leave it, drop it, no jumping, walking with a loose leash, and more!

We begin with a minimum of a 4 week stay.


How do you train the dogs?

We use a preemptive proactive approach combined with positive reinforcement to create the behavior we want our dogs to do.

How old does my dog need to be?

All dogs must be in their home for 14 days AND have 2 sets of vaccinations administered by a veterinarian.

Puppies are typically around 10-12 weeks of age.

  • DHPPL - Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza, Parvo, Leptospirosis

  • Rabies

  • Bordetella - Kennel Cough

  • Influenza - optional but recommended

Dogs must be kept current on deworming, flea and tick preventative, & heartworm preventative.​

How often do I need to come for training?

Ideally, you should come weekly! But remember, to be successful, it takes incorporating training into your life to own a well-mannered dog.

How long does it take to train a dog?

This depends on the dog, dog's motivation, how consistent the trainer is, & how much practice the dog gets.

Smart motivated dogs usually learn within 1 or 2 sessions, but smart dogs are very gifted at training us humans as well.

My dog isn't food motivated, doesn't like treats, isn't interested in anything, can they be trained?

Absolutely! We can use almost anything the dog enjoys as a reward! We've had people use everything from bully sticks, toys, sniffing, to shredding cardboard boxes. If they like it, we can use it!

Will you work with a dog with a bite record?

Depending on the individual case, we may work with you, or refer you directly to a veterinary behaviorist.

Dogs with bite records are not permitted in group daycare or group classes.

What class should my dog be in?

Check this Out to determine what class your dog should be in.

Can you potty train my dog?

We can do the initial stages of potty training. This includes bell training and kennel training. However; we find it most effective for people to potty train dogs in their own home. This better trains the human side to learn your dog's signals, get on a schedule, and succeed the best! But if you are struggling, we can definitely help!

Can you fix my dog's aggression?

We do not "Fix" aggression. "Aggression" is often a very LOUD form of canine communication. We firmly support our dogs being able to communicate. However; if they are choosing to use a visually and verbally loud form of communication we need to investigate the reason for the communication. Instead, we show you how to understand your dog's aggression, prevent their need to utilize aggressive behavior, and effectively manage your dog to avoid aggressive incidents. 

Do I have to leave my dog for 4 weeks?

Our initial Board N Train Program is a minimum of 4 weeks. We have found over years of trials, this time frame give us the perfect opportunity to teach your dog the necessary skills at a level they will be successful at in the future.

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