Private Training

Board N' Train


  **Minimum 4 week stay.

We will teach your dog to sit, down, stay, come, leave it, drop it, and any other behaviors you need your dog to perform. We also teach important house manners such as wait at the door, calm down, crate training, and potty training. While your dog is with us they will live inside our home and become an active member of our household. We expect the absolute best manners from our dogs and we will teach your dog to achieve our high standards.

Board N' Train begins with an initial assessment. Once you drop off your dog, their training begins immediately. We train your dog in short sessions 3-4 times each day and take several breaks to play outside and potty. Once your dog has learned the needed skills, you will return for a lesson where you learn how to maintain your dog's new skills and stop the unwanted behaviors.

**the total number of weeks your puppy needs to stay may vary per puppy. 

Private Lessons

Working one-on-one allows us to focus training time where it is needed the most. In private lessons we are able to work on challenges unique to your dog. Some of these challenges might be counter surfing, staying off people, leash pulling on walks, aggression, fearful behavior, competition skills, agility training, and much more.

Private Lesson at Kinetic K9s
$60 / Lesson
$300 Package of 6 In-home Lessons

In Home Lessons
$80 / Lesson
$400 Package of 6 In-home Lessons