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Canine Enrichment

A Tired Puppy is a Happy Puppy!

We've all heard the saying!
But some days it seems IMPOSSIBLE
to achieve cute sleepy puppy status!

We are no stranger to "High Energy" dogs!
These are our most helpful tips when working with high energy pups or on those days with limited exercise time.

Sleeping Dogs

Sniffy Walks

Instead of a fast paced energetic walk or jog. Instead of playing fetch!

Try a slower walk, following your pup along wherever they want to sniff.

Giving our dogs the opportunity to use their noses is an excellent way to provide mental stimulation!

This prevents many dogs from becoming too energized to settle right before we leave or start a project.

Puzzle Toys

Puzzle toys have many uses in dog training.

  • Mental Stimulation

  • Teaching pups what to chew.

  • Keeping bored pups out of trouble.

  • Providing entertainment in a kennel.

  • Giving their humans a needed break.

  • Learning to settle around new guests.

Our Recommended Toys:

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