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Our daycare allows dogs to expend all the pent up energy they can. Daycare can help some destructive and attention seeking dogs relax and learn to be calm at home. The dogs alternate between playtime and nap time throughout the day. We have an indoor and outdoor play area for the dogs. All playtime is monitored for safety of the dogs.

Does your dog need to learn manners as well? We are now accepting a few lucky pups into school!


On their first day of daycare, each dog will be temperament tested to ensure compatibility for daycare.

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Day School allows your dog(s) the ability to get out of the house and socialize while learning their basic manners.


During day school, dogs are dropped off in the morning, they receive 30 minutes of customized training, they enjoy supervised play with other dogs, and go home that evening.

This is the best combination for a busy lifestyle and active dogs that need to get their energy out in a constructive manner!



Dogs will learn how to reliably go into their kennel, focus, sit, down, and come.

Elementary School

Dogs will learn how to reliably go to place, sit stay, down stay, and settle.

Junior High School

Dogs will learn how to reliably leave it, drop it, come from distractions, and doorbell greetings.

High School

Dogs will learn how to reliably heel on leash, stay w/ distractions, fetch, and how to greet people politely.

Collegiate Academy

In our Collegiate Academy dogs will work on specific show/competition activities such as: Agility, Obedience, Rally Obedience, OR Canine Good Citizen Urban and Community Canine. Based on the owners request.


Each dog will progress at their own pace.
Advancement is at discretion of the trainer.

See our Bulk Packages for Savings!

Day School Begins October 3, 2022

Day Schooling is offered Monday - Friday.

Drop off times are 6:30am - 9:00am.

Pick-Up times are 4:00pm-5:45pm.

Ages 12 Weeks & Up

***Limited Space Available***

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